How many students are in a class?  
The studio holds 15 students for a hands-on class and 16 students for a demonstration.

Can I bring wine to my class?
Yes, Taste & Technique is a BYOB.  We offer wine glasses and bottle openers so that you can self serve.

What does partial hands-on mean?
These classes are taught by a professional chef who is in the business of teaching. The chef gives an overview of all of the recipes to be made and then breaks the class into groups that do the prep work for all of the recipes.  Each group comes back to the center island with their prepared ingredients and then completes the recipe with the guidance of the chef at the center island while the remaining students are seated at the island.  Each group has a turn completing at least one recipe and then the meal is served.  This allows the entire class of up to 15 students to see and learn how all of the dishes are made.

What is the difference between partial hands-on and hands-on?
Only a few of our classes are labeled “Hands-on.”  These classes are arranged very similarly to the “partial hands-on” ones but involve more hands-on work due to the nature of the class subject.  We reserve these classes for baking and pasta making where the students have to get more involved in order to learn specific techniques.

What is your cancellation policy?
Due to limited seating and the upfront costs of food, we maintain a strict cancellation policy.  You may receive a credit toward another class if the studio is notified within 72 hours prior to the commencement date of your class.  No credits will be issued for cancellations received within 72 hours of a course.  We understand that circumstances may arise that cause you to miss a class and we encourage you to send a substitute in your place.  We will also gladly email the recipes from a missed class.

What happens in the event of bad weather?
When a class is canceled due to inclement weather we will contact you by email or phone.   If you are not notified assume that class is running   We only cancel classes if the roads are bad enough that our chef and assistants feel it is unsafe to travel.  If you miss class due to weather-related concerns, our standard cancellation policy applies.

What are the chances of getting into a class off of the waitlist?
If a class is currently sold out someone needs to cancel in order for someone to be added to the class from the waitlist.  This often happens last minute, but occasionally we have students switch from one class to another, creating an opening.  If you want to be added to a waitlist please either email us or call us with your phone number.  There is no need to call back to see if there is an opening since we always call down a waitlist once an opening occurs.

Will you be adding more classes soon?
We add to our class schedule weekly and try to have three months of classes available at all times.

Can accommodations be made for special diets?
We cannot change a menu for a special diet, but we try where possible to make accommodations.  If you have concerns about a menu it is best to call the studio before registering for a class to see if we can modify some of the dishes to work within your diet without changing it for the entire class.  With so many dishes per class, we usually find that even if a student cannot eat the entire menu there is usually ample food among the remaining dishes.

Can I bring leftovers home?
Taste & Technique does not have a retail food license and therefore cannot allow food to be taken off-premises.  As required by the Board of Health all food prepared in class is for consumption in class and no leftover food is allowed to leave the premises.  An exception is only made for certain children’s menus that are advertised as “make and take.”

Can children come to adult classes?
Teenagers are welcome to attend any of our classes with an adult.  For younger children, we offer family classes during the fall and winter months (typically on Sunday) that are a great way to spend time cooking together while learning new skills.

How do I use a gift certificate?
Your gift certificate has a code that is a combination of numbers and letters.  Select a class from our website and add the number of spaces you want to your cart.  At check out enter your gift certificate code in the “coupon code” box.   If there is any difference in the cost of your order you can then pay the difference by credit card.  If you have a remaining balance on your gift card use the same code again the next time you place an order.

Do Gift Certificates expire?
Yes, they expire approximately 13 months after issuance. The expiration date is listed on the certificate.

Is the price listed on a class page for one or two people?
Unless a class is labeled as a couples class it is sold as an individual spot.  Add the number of spaces you want to your cart and then proceed to check out.   If a class is labeled as a couples class each order is for two people.

Why can’t I add the number of spaces I want into my cart?
If you are unable to add a certain number of spaces to your cart then there is not enough space in the class for that number of spaces. You can always ask to be added to the waitlist.

Are tips customary?
Our chefs and assistants are paid through class fees.  A tip is never expected, but if you feel you have received exceptional service then any amount can be left and will be pooled among everyone who worked for the class.

Can I book a class privately?
We offer private classes for groups of 10 or more.   We have package pricing for booking private parties or corporate classes.  Please click HERE for more information

Can parents stay at children’s classes?

Due to space limitations, our children’s classes are drop-off only.

How old does my child have to be to attend classes?
We offer children’s classes and birthday parties for ages 7 and up.   We cannot allow children under the age of 10 to attend classes that are advertised as ages 10 and up.

Are children’s classes hands-on?
All of our children’s classes are hands-on.   In our classes that are designed for ages 7 and up kids are broken into groups of 4-6 children and work through recipes with the guidance of an instructor.  Children cook more independently in our classes for ages 10 and up, but are still closely supervised.  The recipes listed in a class menu are divided among groups and everything that is made is shared among the entire group at the end of class.

Do you offer summer camps?
We offer lots of great summer programs for kids.  They are posted on our website in mid-March.